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Sromboli Pastel by G-Sevenstars

 Brand icon, unisex eyewear in acetate with a key bridge, most published and shooted model, extremely versatile for all uses.

Stromboli Pastel, is a kit composed by 6 unisex glasses produced in
the most trendy colors of 2016.

The nuances chosen for the kit are actual, "fresh", "powerful" and
shows the leading color palette of the next season.:

  • Limpet Shell is a light blue tending to green water transmitting
    strength, clearness and transparency. It is proposed with Blue
    gradient Cream lens;
  • Serenity is a particular shade between the blue and light blue that
    calls to mind a summer sky, it is proposed with 80% Grey Lens; 
  • Snorkel Blue is a nuance more lively and cheerful then the classic
    Blu Navy color, it is proposed with lens Grey gradient Blue; 
  • Lilac Gray it is a color scheme of lilac and gray. A new shade but the flavor 'vintage'. It is proposed with Grey gradient Purple lens;
  • Rose Quartz delicate pink, tenuous and fresh is proposed with 80% Blue lens
  • Iced Coffee belong to brown range and it is a shade of hazel that
    makes it particularly suitable also during spring and summer seasons.
    It is proposed with Brown gradient Pink Lens.
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